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I offer individual psychotherapy to adults of all ages. Together, we decide what treatment will work best for you. I feel the therapeutic relationship is the foundation from which all good therapy is grounded, and I am always attuned to our relationship as we progress in our work. Although I will challenge you to grow, it is essential to me that you feel safe in our working relationship. Mutual respect, trust and honesty are fundamental for any strong relationship, and I feel the therapeutic relationship is no different. I have found over the years that we can all be incredibly hard on ourselves. Helping people find compassion for themselves in our fast-paced world is something I promote in therapy with my clients. While we will deal with the problems or suffering you bring to therapy, I will also focus on the strengths and resilience you possess and encourage your growth in those areas as well. It is my goal for clients to accomplish at least a few of the following during their work with me: acquisition of new skills; a decrease in symptoms; a sense of empowerment; healthier relationships; a new understanding of themselves, a situation, or a relationship; and/or the resolution of an internal or external conflict.

I am particularly skilled with the following issues: PTSD  *  Trauma  *  Depression  *  Generalized Anxiety Disorder or Worry  *  Panic Disorder or Panic Attacks  *  Work Stress  *  Relationship Issues  *  Intergenerational Cultural Conflicts  *  Assertiveness Issues  *  Acculturation Issues  *  Personal Growth  *  Identity Issues  *  Grief and Loss  *  Life Transitions

My fee is $250 per 50-minute session and I am considered an out-of-network provider. I am happy to provide superbills for reimbursement through your insurance or flexible spending account if those are available to you.

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